Movies, also known as a video, motion picture, or independent film, is an artistic work of visual art intended to simulate real-life experiences that communicate messages, concepts, impressions, emotions, beauty, or mood through the use of still images. In the past, movies were largely expensive “amateur” movies made by budget filmmakers and produced in amateur studios. But in recent years, with the dramatic increase in the popularity of computers and their associated software, movies have been made available on home computer systems and in DVD format, generally at a price considered to be “low cost”. Although some still consider high-priced movies “pornography”, the majority of people consider mainstream movies to be the product of a complex media process, a “culture” of images and ideas that has taken on a life of its own.

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Movies are an array of images, with different genres differing depending upon their subject matter and purpose. Action movies, war movies, horror movies, and comedy movies are all part of this ever-changing culture. Movies are categorized into two types: live action and non-live action. Live action movies (also called motion pictures) are usually shown on television, on a wide screen, using a very large format screen such as a 60-inch television or large format projector movies. The term “motion picture” refers to any image that appears on or over a screen.

Movie posters of classic movies are collectibles for both the moviegoer and the film maker. Most movie poster collectors know that the rarest and best titles are usually left unsold in video shops, but that does not lessen their value. The rarest, best, and most exclusive titles are likely to be kept by the movie industry and sold via specialty video stores and auctions, further boosting their desirability. There are some rare films, however, that are produced and/or licensed for theatrical release.

Most movies are shot on film using a standard digital camera over a special studio set designed to handle shooting movies. The photography used in making movies is exquisite and is often considered a work of art. Film cameras have developed vastly from the traditional hand-held camera to state-of-the-art digital cameras. Some movie cameras have special features such as sound, panning, and zoom. They also have built-in digital processors to enhance the picture.

Audio is an integral part of movies. The sounds in movies can tell a story, provide background noise, or even provide the emotion of the characters in the movie. Music is oftentimes part of the film industry as part of the publicity campaign. The use of music is often part of the process of scoring a film.

One of the best things about movies is the extensive history they share with us. Movies have been around for decades. Many of the movies we watch today owe a great deal to the history of movies.

One of the most exciting things about collecting movies is that, because of their long history, there are a wide variety of genres of movies. Action movies, romantic comedies, horror films, westerns, films about the arts, and so many other genres of movies are available. This broad selection makes collecting movies interesting. You will never run out of things to watch. There is something available for every taste.

Movies also provide some of the best value for the money. Most of the movies are produced for the entertainment of the general public. Because of this, their prices are relatively low compared to the prices of other movies of a similar genre. Whether you are an expert on the history of movies or just want to see some of your favorites in the theater, picking out a movie can be a lot of fun.

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