According to various reports by independent sources, the Vivo V21 Pro will be launched in the second half of this summer. This is the second big smartphone to enter the smartphone market from Vivo. The Vivo V21 Pro will also sport a lot of features that are similar to its predecessors the Vivo S, such as the Zen UI interface and dual camera setup. However, it also boasts a new dual screen feature that may appeal to some smartphone users. The Vivo V21 Pro also packs in some high-end hardware such as a 5.5-inch capacitive display and powerful processor, all made possible by the company’s own Indoo technology Vivo V21 Pro .

One of the biggest advantages the Vivo V21 Pro has over its competitors is its slide-out keyboard. It boasts an all-touch screen that makes navigation through the menus easy. It is also extremely slim and small, even having a bigger display than the iPhone and Android devices. As with any other smartphone, it comes with a large screen that offers good viewing angles.

The Vivo V21 Pro weighs in at just over 5g, which is quite light for a smartphone of its class. It is powered by a quad-core processor that helps power the software on board and the powerful Adreno dispatch engine. The battery is supposed to offer up to two days of use, but actual use has varied according to different sources. A recent tweet from the official Vivo account suggests that the company may be planning for an international launch date next month.

One of the most unique features of this smartphone is that it offers a USB Type-C port, which is likely to make it one of the few devices on the market with a functional USB type-C port. It is also compatible with a host of connectivity features including a dual screen, namely an LCD and a Dual Shot camera sensor. In addition to this, there are also several connectivity options including a Bluetooth modem, MMS and infrared.

Apart from the standard camera setup, the Vivo V21 Pro also features a rear camera that is capable of 16.2 mega pixels. The dual lens camera is also capable of taking high definition pictures. In terms of picture quality, the phone does not excel, but it does have decent pictures. The color balance is also quite off-color, but the rest of the colors are rich and balanced.

On paper, the display on the Pro is very bright, and has a decent pixel density. In reality, the phone is quite bright and colorful, and the amoled screen is also very bright, which makes reading text on the Vivo V 21 Pro difficult. This bright display will be perfect for watching movies, but it will become less useful when trying to write on the screen. There is also no sharpness or glare on the screen, which could make it difficult to edit images on the Vivo V 21 Pro’s screen.

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