After taking all the above into consideration, selected the Crescent 180 Quantity Top Keys as my Socket Wrench choice. It was an easy decision. The Socket Wrench itself had become my best friend in the workplace. Able to quickly provide fast, effective service when needed, my Socket Wrench saved me countless hours of unproductive time. Its numerous advantages, combined with my preference for the latest in tool accessories, led the Sear forine company to make the decision to market the Sear force Pro through its extensive socket wrench line.

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Like many ratcheting mechanism and accessory manufacturers, the Sear force Pro offers several different series and sizes. Among the most popular is the Pro Hits series, which features three sets of sockets, eight nuts, and one hex key assembly. All eight nuts and the one hex key are encased in nylon sleeves so they are protected from moisture. The Socket Wrench itself has a full-sized grip, a full length socket, and ratcheting mechanism to secure the nuts and bolts.

Like many other ratcheting mechanism manufacturers, the Sear force Pro includes a versatile socket wrench collection. From one-half inch, two-inch, three-inch, through twenty-four-inch sizes, the Pro Hits collection provides excellent performance for confined spaces. Even the compact size nineteen-inch size fits in confined spaces easily. I especially like how easy it is to adjust the headstock to accommodate varying head sizes topnø

The Sear hornet’s ratcheting mechanism provides two different handle configurations. Available as a one-handled push button design or a handle that can be used as a slide feature, the slide style is the simpler of the two. However, the push button version is easier to use when you must access small areas and handle safety concerns may be an issue. If you have children or pets, the slide style is probably a better choice because of its simplified installation.

Sear forget also offers both one-sided and two-sided socket wrenches in their catalog. The one-sided models are very convenient, but they are not as durable as those with two sides. Two-sided wrenches are more durable due to their strength and ease of use. You will find both one-sided and two-sided wrenches with different head styles and sizes. The one-sided models are also very portable compared to those with two handles. The advantage of having one-sided tools is portability while the two-sided variety provides more durability.

The entire product line of Sear forget includes both metric fasteners and sockets along with the ratchet style socket wrench head. The general tool set includes both hand grips and socket wrenches of varying sizes. Some of these tool sets include a ratchet tool wrench for added security. The manufacturers of this popular general tool set understand how difficult it can be to purchase a tool set with the complete range of metric fasteners and socket wrenches, which is why they offer the metric fasteners and socket wrench in addition to the traditional fasteners and wrenches offered.

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