Baby pram is a good investment especially if you enjoy taking your baby outside along with you for shopping, beach, market etc. There may be several situations while using baby prams which might hurt the baby or you if suitable precautions are not taken properly like while opening and closing the prams or not applying a brake in a steep area when you are still. So here are some general safety precautions worth knowing before using baby prams.

  • Before taking your baby out, make sure that the pram is in good condition. Check if there is any broken piece in the frame or any part of pram. Also make sure that the locking mechanism for folding and unfolding is in a good condition so that the pram will not get folded or unfolded 嬰兒手推車 unexpectedly. Do not forget to check the braking system. This is one of the important things that you need to check especially if you live in a place where there are lots of steep roads or areas. Practice setting the brakes whenever you are not moving.
  • While buying the pram, make sure you have a very good harness. Always use the safety leash or harness that keeps the baby in position and this prevents accidental tipping. Once you buy a new pram, do not forget to complete and send you warranty card to the manufacturer.
  • Fix the umbrella to the pram if there is a chance of rain or if it is too sunny outside. Avoid using folded blanket as a mattress as they might cause the baby to suffocate. Buy a pram insert or stroller insert which are specifically made to fit in there and make baby as comfort as possible. Also make sure to keep the baby away at the time of folding or unfolding the pram.
  • Many baby prams or strollers come with extra space to keep the baby related items. Use this space wisely, do not put too much weight on it while shopping or better not to use the pram as shopping trolley.

In spite of taking precautions there might be situations where a little negligence would cause a lot of trouble. So always keep in mind that whenever you are going out with baby, keep an eye on baby all the time. Better safe than sorry.

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