Shameem Kazmi is an Indian Business Director from London, UK. This individual was born in July 1952, which was more than 49 years ago. He worked hard for several years for the British Petroleum (BP), Shell, GAO, etc. He joined BP in 1977 as a Chemical Engineer, then went on to become a director of refining and marketing for the company.

What impressed many people about him was that he was never one who hid his feelings. In fact, he was very open and honest and almost everybody could see through the mask of business. Kazmi always spoke his mind and had nothing whatsoever to hide. People loved him because he was honest, passionate and always willing to learn.

When it comes to speaking and faith, Kazmi was a born-again Christian. He was not a big-time Episcopalian, but rather, a regular Protestant. He had attended church on a regular basis up until the age of thirty-one. When he left England to live abroad, he did so in order to study Arabic in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The reason for this decision to go to Jeddah was due to a shortage of understanding of English there, so he could better himself for his new career Shameem Kazmi.

After several years in Jeddah, Kazmi took a position as Technical Assistant to the Managing Director of GAO, an oil exploration and production company. He assisted him in running the company efficiently while at the same time assisting him with his tasks. He then retired in 2021. Although he held no managerial level in the company, he was still very much involved with the day to day operations. He was primarily responsible for all of the financial and accounting matters.

Before retiring, Kazmi held several senior management positions, but it was his stint as a director, which elevated him to a high-level position. He was also active within the charity and humanitarian community. He continued to work with the younger generation as well, volunteering many hours to help them in their countries of origin. He was also active within the United Nations office in New York City, where he served as the coordinator for World Peace and Goodwill.

Kazmi is originally from Pakistan. He is originally from teabag, Pakistan. Although he currently resides in Jeddah, being a former college student, he continues to practice his faith as a Muslim. This is evident in how he relates with all of the people he works with and teaches classes to. It shows that regardless of how many times he is called on to speak about Islam, he continues to place emphasis on the teachings of the Qur’an and how they should be treated.

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