You own a small business and you want to be found on the net. So you probably went out and hired a web design firm to put together a site for you. You might have spent several hundred or several thousand dollars to do that. Now that you have it though you wonder what good it is really doing you. Let me give you the good news first. Your expensive site makes for a great brochure and it does not hurt to have it. The bad news is a site like that will rarely if ever get you any new customers. What you need is a blog, specifically a WordPress blog.

The internet runs on words, keywords to b specific. In fact when your design company built your brochure site they probably told you that they needed a list of keywords to put on your site. You can actually see these keywords if you go to options in your browser and “view source”. This will show you the HTML code and in it you can see the keywords (normally up near the top). These keywords are indexed by Google and used to give you ranking.

The main reason a blog is so great is because you don’t get to submit keywords just one time. Every time you make a blog posting you get to submit keywords. So instead of one set of keywords being indexed, in a short period of time you could have hundreds. This gives you instant rankings in the search engines and puts you on page one of Google faster than any other method.

WordPress blogs are also the easiest blogs to set up and maintain. When you install the blog there is very little maintenance you have to do on it. There is no coding Sherry Dyson or programming experience needed to maintain it. To post you simply log in and click “new post” it is as easy as it can be.

WordPress blogs offer 1,000s of plugins that let you automate all kinds of things. For instance if you have a Twitter or Facebook account there are plugins that automatically tweet or post your newest articles when you post them. Plugins make life a lot easier when it comes to blogging.

Having a blog is the key to getting to page one of the search engine rankings for your topic. Once you are at page one you will be able to take most of the online business from your competitors and dominate your market. If you are ready for that then start by getting a WordPress blog.

Even though you may be fascinated by paper clips that come in different colors, you may not be able to find many people that share your passion. Without a question, if you want to create a viable money making blog, you have to be attuned to the kinds of things that draw the interest of a sizable audience. As a general rule of thumb, if you cannot draw 150 – 200 people to your site on a daily basis, it is not likely that you will make a sale. Therefore, before you start designing your blog and posting, it will be to your advantage to make sure that you can spot and take advantage of public interest trends.

Current News and World Issues

If you give it some thought, there is nothing quite like a disaster to draw attention. Invariably, this attention may also attract individuals that may be interested in cluster niche products. For example, if there is a tsunami, people may start thinking about having extra candles, or other emergency products. This may include everything from first aid equipment to blankets and extra food. At the very least, you can devote one post in your blog to relevant products. In fact, even if you have a site dedicated to electronic gadgets, you can use this opportunity to promote radios with weather bands, GPS systems, medical ID bracelets, and similar items.

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