When blogging was a relatively new concept many bloggers simply looked to the medium as a way to empty their thoughts into an electronic file. Many viewed the medium as a journal that may never be read by anyone else.

In fact, early bloggers saw very little activity without sending out a direct invitation to view the blog to friends and family.

There are two primary roots to blogging Sherry Dyson . The first is old style message boards (now commonly referred to as moderated forums) and the second root is Online Diaries.

The earliest predecessor for blogging goes all the way back to 1983, but like most early Internet ideas they were basically useful only to the computer geeks and technicians.

Blogging as we see it today really came to the forefront in 2004. If blogging were a pot of water the boiling point wasn’t reached until that year.

Today blogging is incorporated into almost every form of social networking site. Business Blogging (b-blogging) is common with many online businesses.

Perhaps blogging has been embraced because the individual blog owner becomes the journalist, publisher and commentator without the need to consult with any of those journalistic types.

Blogging may seem meaningless initially. It may, in fact, seem more like an old style online diary read by a very few. You may even believe that the medium has no impact on your business marketing strategy. However, like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies it can take some time for blogging views to reach the boiling point.

One way to improve blogging traffic is to post a link to the blog in any signature line when participating in forum discussions. Make a prominent link to the blog on your primary business site. Use links from other blogs, which may become reciprocal. You can even mention your blog in any company ezines, newsletters or autoresponders.

Many Internet users have come to view blogging as an alternative news source. If your business is on the cutting edge of your industry a business blog might become authoritative and be referred to by other bloggers for additional content. Their backlinks only serve to improve the traffic to your blog.

A blog is a shortened word for the term web log. Many people use blogs to keep notes of a log of their websites progress as it is built, however many people use blogs for different reasons. A lot of people use blogs as an online journal or diary and they write about all sorts of things that are going on in their personal lives. People who write in their blog frequently are known as bloggers. Over the past few years blogging has become very popular and there are millions of blogs on the internet from people all over the world, one good thing with blogs is that the user is free to express their opinions about virtually any subject, and better yet is that you can create your own free blog at hundreds of sites.

Anyone can blog and you don’t need to be a computer wiz to get started, virtually all blogging software allows you to get started straight away and many blogging sites, offer easy to use built in features allowing you to insert text, links, pictures and some even allow you to put mp3’s and videos in your blog posts.

In general most blogs are created for personal use and used like a diary or journal, people love to write about their daily lives and share their thoughts and pictures with friends or family. Most blogs even provide an option for people to leave feedback and comment on your posts, helping you find out what other people think of your point of view, if your blog is interesting you may get returning visitors and even gain some new friends.

However blogs are not limited to personal usage, they can be about anything you want, and many people create blogs that follow a theme such as: politics, sports, currents issues, events, news, catastrophes, etc, some bloggers even use their blogs for business purposes as a way to advertise products or services or to create revenue through advertisements. You can find a large range of blog themes by looking in a blog directory; you can also list your own site in a blog directory helping you get more readers.

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