There has been a little shake-up in the blogosphere; “Daddy Blogs” are quickly becoming a rising trend. It is easy to see if you just perform an internet search for “Daddy Blogs”. You will see hundreds, if not thousands of results. More and more fathers are creating blogs every day. Why is this a rising trend?

One reason maybe that there are more stay at home dads (SAHDs). In today’s economic climate, many parents cannot afford daycare and/or Nannies so the career with the highest income becomes the priority. Often enough, the cost of daycare negates a large portion of a salary. In many cases, it is the woman that has the higher paying career, therefore the daddy stays home to raise the kids while mommy goes off to work everyday. This is also a rising trend in our society, an increasing number of SAHDs. Sherry dyson Just like stay at home mommies, the stay at home daddies become bored and feel detached from “adult society” turning to a few hours of adult interaction on the internet.

Another reason can be that there are more and more dads out of work. The unemployment rate is high and many fathers have lost their jobs. These dads are home not only looking for work but also something to occupy their time. Blogging not only provides something to occupy time but also serves as a way to share stories, feelings, ideas and information. As this happens, these dads begin to find other dads in the same situation or sharing the same feelings. Blogging can quickly become a fun hobby.

A third reason maybe that dads have seen that “Mommy Blogs” have been a major force to be reckoned with over the past few years, generating millions of dollars in advertising revenue online. In 2008 Katie Couric stated on The CBS Evening News that approximately 36 million women either read and/or write for blogs per week. That is right, per week and those statistics are over a year old! Top ranked “Mommy Blogs” can generate thousands of dollars per month in advertising revenue for the owner. Blogging for an additional income is an easy lure for some. As a blog generates high traffic levels, the owner places advertisements and/or affiliate links which can possibly generate revenue each time somebody clicks on the link or purchases a product from the retailer that was referred. The income generated for most is not enough to make them quit their jobs but it is a nice supplement and/or better then nothing, in the cases of bloggers that do not “work”.

In China, the majority of it’s youth today are now Internet addicts. Buying stuff online, chatting online, playing games online, etc are growing everyday since the dot com burst. But what else can they do to have fun?

Blogging! Well it does seem un-entertaining at some point. Where you have to write for your blog as a personal journal or diary online and have people read them or private invitation to some of your trusted colleagues or associates to comment on your work. But what do they write about mostly?

In some part of the country or world, there are some individuals who feels or have thoughts and they wish to share the world about their perspective. Apparently, anyone who sees blogging as either a job or their personal journal of their own thoughts is nothing compared to having fun blogging at. Blog shouldn’t be considered a job or a duty to anyone because you are not getting paid to blog. You blog at your own pace, at your own style, and live in your own world. So just blog for fun! Sure there maybe people who spams and trolls on your blogs, but do not worry about it and don’t let that get to you. Blogging is meant to be fun and where your world of possibilities can change to however you feel.

Your blog in particular, can change from, personal journals of your research, thoughts, feelings, events, news, current event happening at home, work, play, to a job of maintaining your daily readers impressed, interested, and desire for more. Once you have daily readers and maintain constant traffic or increase of traffic, it’s best to monetize your blog. Of course it’s no good if you only focus on spamming advertisements here and there and affiliations, etc. It’s best to be moderate and whatever earnings been made from your fun blogging, be grateful!

For example, if one blogger has found that they’re readers are like they’re own small community or fans or their “online family”, it may tough to consider closing down his blog after years of blogging and maintaining his solid reputation as a problogger. That, my friend, is called a duty to readership. Bloggers around the world have a duty to their readers and making sure that each and every reader who read their blogs are warmly open visits and leave their blog satisfied after spending a few minutes reading their blogs. After such a duty has turned into a habit, to a blogger its fun posting more blogs about whatever field they love talking about. It may be about flowers, animals, world, politics, business, games, etc. As long as one enjoys blogging, it’s not a bad job to spend doing it.

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