There are quite a few people who actually do earn money from blogging. Some blogs are so popular they sell ad space independently for some handsome daily fees. The majority of people making money on the blogs however are hauling in dough with syndicated ad programs. The topic of each day’s blog posting means your ads need to match what you’re ranting or babbling about.

To make money from blogs you need to understand permission marketing. People who are interested in reading about the latest new tricks an iPhone does won’t be attracted to tennis shoe ads. If you’re righting about sports and covering tennis matches or baseball games, then tennis shoe ads will fit your audience to a tee. If your blog topic is politics, you want your ads geared to politics and news . Ads that are way off in left field are an intrusion and will be widely ignored. They can even loose you your readers.

The best way to make money blogging is to find a really unique idea. If you’re blogging about gardening, you’ll have to do better than showing off your tomatoes and cucumbers in season. There are millions of other garden blogs and every one of them is photographing tomatoes and posting about them at once. The audience can only suffer through so many tomatoes and pasta recipes! Be unique, get inspired and make a difference.

You can get inspiration on how to earn money from blogging in a lot of places. Write about current events, being a housekeeper, home repairs, review the latest tools and toys … the list of topics is endless. Be humorous, be serious or whatever tone fits your personality but never spin out a bunch of bunk. You need to develop trust between you and your readers. Do something bizarre like that started as a silly joke and wound up raking in so much money monthly the guy quit his job and has never looked back.

From this wide plethora of knowledge available to us, the power to wisely choose which things to believe and what ideas to absorb is given to us. It is our decision which sites to visit and what forums to join; in the same way, we are given the responsibility to contribute appropriately on matters that we have adequate understanding on.

There surely will be a niche for you. Depending on your interest and expertise, the internet is the place to share it with the world. Beauty blog network, for example, is a compilation of different sites that focuses on giving beauty tips and advice, reviews on beauty products, and other related articles about the topic. Bloggers make use of such networks to increase the likelihood of their essays and articles being read by those who visit this particular website. Like this one, you can find other blog networks which fit your pursuit.

If you are a consumer trying to find out about which products are best for you, the internet is also the best tool you can use. You can compare different features and prices at a click of your mouse. Ratings and testimonials are also available from other consumers who have tried these products. In beauty blog network, you can find a number of opinions and expert advice that may help you decide in what beauty products to include in your shopping cart. Scouting for books, clothes, tools, and other things needed at home has never been easy. A keyword is all you need to find the things you are looking for. All these, thanks to the internet.

Who else really wants a more popular blog? If you are anything like most of the people reading this right now, the short answer should be YOU! Why? It’s quite simple. A blog that has no readers is sort of similar to the tree that falls in the forest without anyone around to hear it. Does is still make a sound? I say not..:-)

The good news is that you don’t need to be incredibly good looking and witty like me to create popular blogs that people love to read. ( although it doesn’t hurt) Building an evergreen ( and ever growing) audience is a pretty simple exercise, and can be boiled down to 3 simple steps.

– Choose the Right Blogging Platform: Yes, I recommend WordPress and yes, I recommend you host your own blog. Why? WordPress is far more extensible than other popular platforms like blogger, and hosting your own blog is an incredibly important factor in being able to scale up and out when you grow, and become more successful.

– Pick a Readable Template: No, this doesn’t mean you need a premium, or magazine theme to get tons of eyeballs in front of your prose. You need clean, legible, nice typography, and a template that showcases your best work. If it’s words that you are showing off, make sure it’s a black text, on white background design. If it’s art, or photography, choose what works best for your style, but don’t let the template overwhelm your work. (like so many premiums do)

– Update Often and Ask for Interaction! Most important! Ask for comments. Share opinions that are sure to generate buzz. Be controversial. Be confrontational. And most important – update often! No one likes visiting a blog that gets updated once a month, and if you are trying to build popularity, quantity DOES count!

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