Email marketing is a fantastic way of generating new business in any sector. However it can create a mine field of problems and leave marketers confused and wondering why they bothered.

Email Content: The best way to ensure your email is both read and delivered to the recipient’s inbox is to make your email as personal as possible. Don’t bother with graphics, highlighting, bolding, underlining or capital letters. This only ensures your emails will be caught in spam traps and at best end up in the recipients spam folder. Write you email more in a letter form and when possible include the recipient’s name.

Email Servers: Never use your own email server provider to send mass emails. This will result in your account being blocked or suspended GoDaddy email login . You can use dedicated servers from hosting companies like GoDaddy and Hostgator but the usage will be limited and the server will quickly become blacklisted and eventually the hosting company will block your account. The best way to send mass emails is through a bullet-proof server. These can be quite expensive to hire and are normally located off shore. However if you shop around you will find a good deal. Please contact me if you need any help with this.

Email Sending Software: I personally use Atomic Email Sender as it’s simple to use and does the job I want it to do without over complicating things. There are many email sending tools on the market but I find Atomic the most cost effective solution for me.

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