In today’s world we need to be vigilant and prepared for sudden changes in our environment which may be brought on by Mother Nature or Political Activities. We all want to protect our family from harm, and preparedness for disaster emergencies should be one of our top priorities. I’m not advocating that you pack up your family and move to some isolated location to hide from the world, but I am offering simple preparations for ice storms, floods, hurricanes, or terrorist activities will make your existence much more palatable during the disaster.

8. Do an attic inspection; among the things to look for are a) is there any evidence of pests. Do you see rat droppings anywhere? You can set traps or get a pro to come and help. B) Is the insulation covering all the areas of the attic? Is there any gaps, does it look compacted. It would be at least up to the level of you ceiling joists and preferably much higher. The more insulation you have the better it will work and the lower you energy costs will be. Get advice from a pro as to what you need. c) Check you vent lines and make sure they are all connected home depot health check . A bathroom vent blowing into the attic will be pumping moist air where you don’t want it, not to mention smells etc. d) Is the attic ventilation unobstructed. Sometimes insulation can be pushed up against the vents particularly the vents under the eves. e) Check you air/heat ducts and make sure why are all connected and in good condition. It is expensive to be blowing cold air into your attic where it is not needed. f) Check for open electrical boxes. The covers on these are designed to contain any sparks that may come from an electrical short. Also they keep rodents out. Buy and install the covers if needed.

9. Keep trees away from the building’ Trees close to the building have several problems. The roots can cause foundation damage as the trees grow. If they are already there then removal and killing the roots is the only option. Trees that overhang a roof allow rats and possums etc to get on your roof. If they find any attic access then they will be sharing your home with you. Keep the branches well clear of the roof. The other problem is the leaves will block gutters and create problems as covered earlier.

10. Keep your fences in good repair; these are often overlooked. A broken post in a wood fence greatly overloads the whole system and will cause premature destruction of the other fence members. Get a broken post repaired before it causes more damage. Same for broken gates. A block fence that is leaning or cracked has major structural problems that need to be addressed. If the fence is also a retaining wall it becomes doubly important to get it repaired.

Yes, the first thing on the list is to use the list to be prepared. It is one thing to take a glance at the list, but unless you actually put this list into a workable plan for your family, then reading this is just wasted time on your part. Just making the preparations will give you a sense of calm when faced with the disaster.

This sense of calm will work in your favor because you will be less likely to be one of the hordes of people acting in a reactionary, fear driven, panic when the reality of the disaster is recognized (usually when the news anchors start saying things like “This is going to be bad.”… or… “We can’t stress enough the dangerous nature of this storm.”… or… “Here is video of people fighting over the last of the bread at this grocery store.”… or… “The police have lost control of this area of town.” While the crowds are rushing to the grocery store and emptying the aisles of bread and milk, you will be safely at home making last minute preparations to keep yourself and your family safe.

Because I realize that there is a definite cost factor in making these preparations, I will try to prioritize the items on the list as to which are absolutely necessary and which ones can be added as funds are available. Any item with an * next to it is a priority item and needs to be included from the beginning. To my Prepper Friends, I do realize that this list will not satisfy your need to prepare for any and all situations and it is only a short term duration solution, so don’t pounce on me with a long list of items that you think I have left off. It is intentionally a short, condensed list which is meant to help an average family through a short term disaster situation, not a nuclear holocaust. I also have not addressed any need for firearms or ammunition. That is for another article.

A big part of the preparation is being organized. There will be enough things to be concerned with when the situation presents itself, trying to remember where all of your supplies might be stored should not be one of them. Buy one of the following. We will be storing everything possible in them, so your preparedness items will be readily available to you when you need them.

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