Do you know someone who loves Hockey? Chances are you probably don’t know anything about the game right? Which is making it hard to find that perfect gift. We’ve been there before. Which is why we’re going to recommend some of these hockey gifts. Each of these hockey gift ideas we’re handpicked by our authors based on a few criteria. The first criteria is quality. We only chose high quality products. That way you know you’re not buying complete junk. Another criteria, is that each gift had to follow the Hockey theme. As for our suggestions we wish you happy holidays and hope you like our gift ideas!

#5 Hockey Jerseys

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Our first gift idea would be getting a signed jersey. Wondering how this can be done? You’ll be surprised to learn that getting a signed jersey isn’t all that difficult. However, it depends on the player for the most part. I remember one time I was able to just send a Jersey in by mail and they sent it back. Of course I paid for the postage to have it returned. What I would recommend doing for this gift idea is finding out your friends favorite player Ice Hockey .

Then try finding websites dedicated to him. I would recommend searching for fan websites. Check for any contact information of a fan who might be able to provide you with information on a program like this. Alternatively you could also check out the player’s official website. Typically they have people handling the PR side of things. Which means that it shouldn’t be too difficult to find someone to contact. All you have to do is send them an Email asking how you could get a jersey signed.

#4 NHL Slapshot Bundle

If you’re friend has a Nintendo Wii then we think they’ll like this gift. After all when it’s raining outside how are you going to play hockey? It’s a game brought to you by electronic arts. The game itself is called NHL Slapshot. However, we’re recommending the bundle because it comes with the NHL Slapshot hockey stick game accessory. As for the game it’s almost like playing Hockey.

In this game players level up skills as they progress through the game trying to win the Stanley Cup. In the game you’ll be able to play against real players from the CHL, AHL, and NHL The premise of the game is extremely simple. Player’s play through a normal Hockey Season. With the accessory that comes with the game you’ll find out that you’re actually playing hockey. If you’ve never played a Wii before it uses “motion sensing” technology that allows you to play the game by motion and gestures.

#3 Hockey Goal Set

Why not let your friend practice playing street hockey with a goal set? This gift idea is kind of pricey. A typical Hockey goal set includes a puck, sticks, and a new. We were able to find a set in the forty dollar range. Of course that set had several complaints filed against it. Still we think you can get the idea? Depending on what kind of Hockey your friend plays they might like this gift.

Hockey can be played both on the ice and on the street. Just keep in mind that the street is a lot more accessible. Playing on the ice all the time can cost you a lot of money. Which is why we decided to make this recommendation. As we mentioned above you shouldn’t have that much trouble finding one. The only hard part is finding the best deal.

#2 Slap Shot

How would your friend like one of the top ten sports movies of all time? The movie that we’re talking about is called slapshot. It’s a movie starring Paul Newman, Michael Ontkean, Strother Martin, Jennifer Warren, a and Lindsay Crouse. The movie is an original comedy dating back to 1977. The story is about an over-the-hill coach and player for a lousy hockey team. However things start to get a lot more interesting when he teaches them how to play dirty.

This movie is one of the most hilarious profane movies about hockey. This film makes the rules as it goes along. Of course if you don’t believe us then try checking out any movie review website. For the most part Slap Shot only had good reviews. We found people who gave the movie the maximum rating. Apparently, the movie has developed a following over the years. Out of all the gift suggestions that we’ve made we’re going to say that this movie is a must have for any hockey fan.

#1 Griddly Headz Hockey Game

What’s better than a gift that that you can enjoy too? Our final gift idea is a board game brought to you by Griddly Games. The is a family fun strategy game that can be enjoyed by all of the Hockey fans in your family. The game was awarded the excellent product seal from iParenting. The goal of the game is to score 10 goals while trying to eject your opponents at the same time. The rules are extremely simple and even the youngest members of your family should be able to understand it. In fact your dog would probably be able to understand the game.

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