A foreclosure cleanup business, you can offer a plethora of services. The services offered can include everything from trash-outs, to initial yard care, to ongoing lawn maintenance, to boarding up windows and doors of abandoned foreclosures, to lock changing, to pressure washing the sides of houses, garage interiors and drive ways, to full-fledge painting, repairs, and so much more. You can choose to provide any of these services exclusively, or in combination with other services. This can make determining where to strategically advertise somewhat tricky.

Don’t Overlook Advertising backpage classified advertising

When you just start your business, you will have normal start-up expenses that include licensing and registration, insurance, telephone service, uniforms (which can be plain old orange t-shirts and khakis), miscellaneous supplies, equipment rental and a few other necessary items. It will be tempting to penny pinch on effort when it comes to advertising because it will be an expense you don’t feel like you can see, touch, put your hands on. Don’t. But if you don’t advertise, your phone won’t start ringing and you be making a dime. Your doors will close before you get going.

Free and Low-cost Advertising

One of the cheapest forms of advertising, on a “start-up” budget, is classified ads. We’re talking about virtual, online advertising. Classified ad sites like Craigslist, Backpage, eBay Classifieds (formerly Kijiji), ClassifiedAds, and others, are excellent outlets for advertising your cleaning foreclosures business. These websites have both free and paid options and they are broken down geographically. You can click your mouse and be taken to your city and state and start typing away your ad into their systems immediately. It usually takes 15 minutes or so before your ad is visible to customers who may be seeking your company’s services. Some sites post instantaneously, within seconds.

Search Engine Juice

If you live in a smaller city, choose to advertise your business in the largest city close to your town on several classified ad websites. You’ll be amazed at the search engine juice you will get from classified ad sites. (Remember, websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask, to name a few, are search engines. As web surfers type in a service which your company offers, ideally, you want your name to pop up on the first few pages of these search engines. Using classified ad sites will get your company more online visibility, quickly; though it will take more than classified ad posting alone to get your foreclosure cleaning business name to the top of the search engines.)

What to Include In Your Ad

When you post your new clean foreclosures business on classified ad websites, at minimum, make sure you include your list of services, your company name, website, phone number, and if appropriate, email address. Warning: You’ll get tons of junk mail in your inbox if you post your email address, so make this decision carefully. Some classified ad websites provide you with a disguised email address, of sorts, so you can still receive email queries from potential customers, yet the customers won’t see your real email address — which is great in preventing email junk mail.

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