About a week ago, I had a very bad experience with an airline. When I returned home, I decided to email the CEO. How did I get his email address? Before, I let you in on my little secret, I wanted to let you know that what I’m about to tell you can be used in the sales world as well and that is why I’m sharing this with you.

First, I needed to find out the name of the CEO. I went to Google and in their search box I typed in the following: “CEO and (the name of the airline was inserted here).” In the natural search results, I found out the name of the CEO. I wanted to confirm his name because these days CEOs are in and out like water so I went to Yahoo Finance to seek confirmation. Once there, I typed in the ticker symbol of the company and then clicked on the “Profile” button to the left. Yes, he was definitely the CEO.

Now, the hard part, how do you find the CEO’s email? I went back to Google and typed in the name of the CEO and their company along with the word “email.” Did I find anything? I didn’t find anything so then I typed in the following: “@(the name of the airline was inserted here).com” and followed this with the word “email.” In the natural search results, I found the email address of a media contact there f95zone . The structure of the email was firstname.lastname@(name of airline).com. Ok, now I found an email address structure and I was definitely on to something.

There are so many people using the internet these days that carrying out a reverse email search successfully is a myth godaddy email . Or is it? The cyber world is suffused with reverse email search services claiming to allow you to conduct a search for free. How effective are these online tools? Let’s find out.

When you do a reverse email search, you have two options: you can either go the free way or the paid way. If you choose to opt for the free way, you can perform a simple reverse email lookup using platforms such as Yahoo, Google, Bigfoot or Maillocate. These platforms will get you started if the person you are searching has left a trail on the internet.

Because here is the thing: you can only find people who want to be found, or people who are not cautious enough to leave messages on online boards, platforms, forums, chats, dating sites, etc. If you do leave your real name online it is very easy to do an email trace.

However, if you have been using the internet for quite a long time, as many experienced users have, you know how to change your IP address, use fictitious names, use free email addresses such as Gmail accounts or Hotmail accounts so that you do not leave any trail online at all. Many professional spammers know exactly how to do that, including changing their IP -and by doing so their supposed location-, using a fake IP, using a proxy, etc.

In addition, when you register an email address at Godaddy or any other hosting service, you have an option to do a “private” registration, which means that your WHOIS details are covered and if anyone is trying to track you back all the way through to the email address registration, they will end up having no clue as to who you really are.

Gmail has so many cool features but a lot of people do not use it because they want their outgoing email to say it’s from John@mycompany.com instead of John@gmail.com. But did you know that you can use Gmail to send messages from your MyCompany dot com email address? You can, and this article tells you how.

By the way, both the customer service guy at GoDaddy and my web guy said they didn’t think it was possible to do what I am about to SHOW you how to do.

Start by signing into your Gmail account and in the upper RH corner of the screen you’ll see a link for Settings. In the Settings screen, click on Accounts, which is the second tab from the left. then click on “Add another email address you own.” (If you don’t yet have a single Gmail account, you’ll have to set one up prior to implementing what I’m about to show you.)

This will open a window where you add the new email address. In the “name” field enter the name that you would like to appear as the person the email is sent from. It can be your name, or it can be “webmaster”.

You can also specify a different “reply to” address. By default, whenever anyone replies to you, it will show the same email address that it went out from – which is the email address I’m showing you how to set up. But if you want your replies to to a different address, you can set that up on this window.

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