Halloween is one of the most amazing holidays of the year! Much like Christmas and Easter, it has its own seasons of thrills and chills in itself. Doubters be damned, Halloween has singe-handedly resurrected fear from the pits of our subconscious and made it both into a commodity and an art form. In what other season do you see so many people lining up to see their favorite slasher flicks in droves, so many teenagers playing Silent Hill and Fatal Frame on their gaming consoles, and so many kids donning the freakiest costumes known to man in order to go out Trick or Treating? Truly Halloween is a cultural phenomenon unlike any other.

And one of the things that are not to be missed on that momentous occasion would be the immortal Halloween party. With the most ghoulish of games, the most devilish fun and the most wickedly sick costumes around, a Halloween party is one of the events where being freaky is the norm Dystopian feel-good and desired behavior. And when you want you Halloween party to be the biggest party of the year, you’ll definitely need people to fill up the venue. And how do you get these people to come in droves? With amazing invitations of course!

Creating the perfect Halloween invitations is actually much easier than you think. What you have to keep in mind though is that apart from being scary, the perfect Halloween invitation is always eye catching. So be sure to use strong and oh so scary colors such as black, red and orange. The customary ghost, vampire, werewolf, skeleton and witch would be a welcome addition as well.

You could also make your invitations a little better by using realistic touches like applying glue to look like cobwebs and splashing red paint to look like bloodstains. Or you can make it a whole lot more worthy of attention by making it a pop-out card, with your most ghoulish creation jumping out on your guest like a jack-in-the-box when they open it. This however requires a little more work, but the rewards for going this route can be spectacular.

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