Just like your favourite High Street or Mall the only real way to make an income on the internet is to promote products and services which are sold to your site’s visitors. Generally this is done by becoming an affiliate to a range of companies and products which are then marketed to the site’s visitors. As they deal exclusively in instantly-downloadable electronic products, all backed by an amazing no-quibble eight-week money-back guarantee the Clickbank affiliate program is by far one of the best to join. Given that they also has a range of thousands of products covering just about any and every marketing niche going you can understand why it’s so popular as a marketing tool.

If you have written an eBook or created an electronic product then it’s also very easy for you to list your own products for sale in this high-traffic marketplace google web scraper . Registering with Clickbank as an affiliate is free and you immediately get access to a database of almost 10 000 products and services most with commissions in the 40% to 60% of the final sale price range. Obviously this makes it a potentially very lucrative source of internet income. Giving that they also have a very fast and reliable tracking system and an extremely dependent payment system this makes them a very attractive proposition to marketers.

Once you register you create you own ID, known as a ‘nickname’. This username is how you identify yourself to their tracking system and it’s employed in all of your affiliate links. The best thing is that once you’ve added your affiliate link to your website and blog then Clickbank does everything else. They handle all the details of the sale, they handle the payments and any refunds or charge-backs. They also pay you your affiliate earnings (above $100) regularly every fortnight.

Their database is geared towards putting vendors and affiliates together. The product information they supply is very affiliate-centric. This is great for you as a prospective affiliate searching for a product to promote as you can see how well the product you’ve chosen is performing. If makes it very easy to pick a range of products for your site. The problem is that you then have to go out and find out about the product so that you can promote them. And this is the main drawback of Clickbank. You have to hunt-out each and every product and generate your own sales pages.

This means that the typical way of promoting the products you find is to write a sales page or a review page about the product and then to drive traffic to that page using email promotion to your list or keyword-based ads in pay-per-click marketing. This is great if you’re a large site, have a large list or deep pockets but it makes it very difficult for anyone with a small site or who is just beginning on their internet marketing to use this potentially very valuable resource. Indeed it’s just this hurdle to that makes their products unattractive to beginning marketers or to those with small websites or blogs.

But what if there was another way? Well, there is… There are a number of companies and products that take the nightly product feed, load it into a database and then use that database to create websites and ads. Amongst these is the Celtnet Clickbank marketplace. This differs from the others in that the product descriptions are created by humans rather than relying on the marketplace feed or on screen scrapes from the vendors’ own websites. This is great if you go to the website to search for products, but what does it offer the smaller internet marketer or webmaster.

As part of the Celtnet site’s marketplace a number of truly remarkable products have been developed. The first of these is a series of search modules that anyone can just copy and deploy on their website. You add your own nickname to the search code so that any results returned have your nickname in them so that you earn the affiliate commission on any products sold. Even better there’s a page in the site that allows you to build Google-like contextual ads for any product defined by section, subsection or keywords so that you can tailor these ads precisely to your website. Even better the ads are dynamically generated so they change on each visit and change with each update of the Clickbank databse.

Even better, if you’re using Google AdSense ads or have a blog that won’t allow you to put the contextual ads on there the Celtnet site also allows you to create an RSS feed that you can easily integrate into your site or blog. Again you can define your own product selection and you can create as many feeds as you need for your site. Finally, the bar to adding ads and affiliate products to your site or blog has almost been removed completely. As long as you get a nickname for Clickbank you can now use the Celtnet site to create ads for your site.

Just remember this, Google’s AdSense pays you pennies for each ad. Clickbank ads can make you $10 or more every time someone buys a product. If you really want to monetize your website then adding revenue from affiliate ads is the way to go about it. The Celtnet site’s tools just make this simple and effective for anyone to use.

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