First aid is the act of providing initial emergency care to a person prone to injury till an emergency expertise reaches the area. For performing a first aid procedure one need not be an expert in it. Instead a basic idea on wound cleaning will be more than enough in certain situations. An injured wfa certification online person should never be neglected care owing to the fact that the observer is a novice in providing first aid or merely due to negligence. By doing so, an individual is blessed to have saved the life of someone. First aid can be applied to self or to our dear ones. In order to attain knowledge on providing a first aid treatment, a person should either try to attain knowledge on ‘first aid’ by himself or join some authorized classes. Age is not a barrier in joining first aid classes. As the saying goes, a person learns something or the other until he dies. A person’s learning ability is not disrupted unless and until he is susceptible to brain damage. Brain damage occurs either congenitally, accidentally or pathologically in the adult phase.

Government aided as well as private organizations conduct first aid training classes. They promise to offer classes for both small and life threatening injuries. They also target schools, workplaces etc where chances of injuries are more. Children are taught in school itself to manage an injured. This will build up the self esteem of a child and make him versatile in his activities. A sense of brotherhood is in a way understood by the child while helping an injured person. Hospitals and chemical factories are the places requiring maximum first aid facilities. Workers in a chemical factory dealing with chemical substances are taught to react in these situations by providing the correct treatment to reverse the effects caused by the chemical substances. Fire department, ambulance and hospitals also conduct first aid classes for the public. For those who cannot attend these classes in person have an option of learning it online. Online teaching as well as necessary articles, videos etc are sent to an individual’s email address. Some online courses are expensive while some courses are even online on the internet.

On the basis of the type of injury whether small or life threatening, classes come in affordable as well as expensive ranges. In these classes, a person is emergency management, protection and safety from infections. Maintaining self safety is an integral part of first aid as we may not know whether the person seeking first aid is suffering from infectious diseases like HIV AIDS, hepatitis or several other contagious diseases, which are supposed to spread in case of blood contact or pinprick injuries. How to assess and physically evaluate a person is taught here. Among this, history taking plays a vital role as this aides in the management. Information is provided on how to recognize emergencies in case of heart attacks, stroke, dyspnea, hypothermia and heat exhaustion. Prior to seeking medical emergency, certain situations like fractures, bleeding, burns etc are managed initially. When a cardiac emergency arises, the care provider is taught to implement hands on cardiopulmonary resuscitation technique while simultaneously informing the emergency expertise for help. These first aid classes are always taken by profession expertise.

It also exceeds to babysitting, sports, pets and wilderness situations. Wilderness situations refer to the delay in getting the medical emergency expert treatment due to long distances, negligence etc. Babysitting can be interesting as well as irritating as the kids have no limits to be naughty. It is preferably interesting for those who love kids.

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