All online MLM distributors should consider incorporating offline strategies to promote their online business, because it’s another avenue of revenue. Many people we pass by each day may be looking for the opportunity you have. What if Google, social media or blogging wasn’t around? What would you do? Being creative offline is still just as important as using the online medias.

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Offline marketing should contribute a minimum of 10% to your online MLM distributor business. As an online MLM distributor, you should always be marketing even when you’re not online. People physically around you may want to know about the product or service you provide slot online . You never know, you may be just the help someone needs. Offline strategies are extremely effective and can increase your online MLM business revenue by as much as 30%, or more.

One strategy in particular, offers seven awesome techniques, which are extremely effective and will bring staggering results to your business. This strategy is called Drop Card Marketing. It’s a fun and subtle way to promote your online MLM distributor business. Drop Cards look like 5, 10, 20 and 100 dollar bills. One side is printed with your message and your website address. The $100 Drop Card is completely legal to use, because it is not an exact replica and it is smaller in size than a real bill. The $100 Drop Cards work so well because they definitely grab attention.

Seven Techniques for Using Drop Cards in Your Online MLM Business

#1. The Gas Station – A folded $100 Drop Card will fit perfectly into the credit card slot on the gas pump. The next person to use that pump will have to remove it before sliding in their credit card. Believe me, when they pull a $100 bill out of that slot, they are going to read it. And if the content of your message doesn’t appeal to them, so what? They will probably throw it on the ground. Since it looks like $100, it won’t be long before someone will see it, pick it up and read it, and they’ll go to your website to check it out… BAM! – a new customer, distributor, etc. This is also a lot of fun to watch – park your car in the parking lot and just watch the next person who pulls up to that pump. It’s a great way to be proactive with your business, while filling your gas tank. Remember, too, there is more than one pump at a gas station; and a gas station on just about every corner!

#2. Junk Mail – Everyone receives tons of junk mail. A lot of that junk mail has a return envelope, and some are marked postage paid – meaning you do not have to put a stamp on it to send it in. Put a $100 Drop Card inside that envelope, seal it up and drop it in the mail. There are people sitting in mailrooms all over the country opening these return envelopes. Someone in that mailroom is going to open your envelope, see your message and go to your website.

#3. Literature Stands – (Newspaper, Real Estate, AutoTrader, PennySaver, etc.) For newspaper stands, drop your change in the machine and take out the whole stack of papers and insert your $100 Drop Card in between the first few pages of each paper. Do the same at the free literature stands; sliding the Cards in between the pages of the books. Someone will read that paper and a $100 Drop Card will fall out… And another person visits your website.

Choosing to undertake a college course online can provide many advantages for certain individuals. It gives people the option to study around existing commitments, gives them the freedom to complete assignments whenever they want and above all gives them a chance to get education when other traditional routes to take are just not viable. However, in order to pursue a continuing course education online, an individual must have great time management skills, or else the ability to work on them enough to ensure that he or she submits assignments on time and completes the college course online.

Some people are naturally gifted when it comes to time management. They can quite easily set aside blocks of time for different tasks and complete each one successfully. However, there are very few of those people around. Most of us do have some trouble remaining within self-imposed timetables and completing tasks well within given time periods. It is easy to get distracted by outside influences. Maybe something comes up that needs your urgent attention, which then distracts you from your assignments and costs you valuable time. The likelihood is that you will then only return to your assignments the day before they are due and rush to complete them in a panic. You will ultimately end up submitting inferior work or worse, not submit any at all.

As there is no course tutor in your immediate vicinity to rally you and remind you of deadlines, it is easy to leave work until the last minute or disregard it completely, but there are exercises that can help you to practice your time management and set you on the right course for completing your college course online.

1. Draw up an advance timetable. Estimate how much work you have to do for your continuing course education online and double the time span of how long you think it will take. Pencil in that amount of time in two places on your timetable for the week. College courses online offer flexibility and so should you. You should aim to get your work done in the first slot so the second is your time – a reward for completing it originally. If something does come up though, you have a fallback slot that must be honoured.

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