On October 13, 1917 in Fatima, Portugal the Sun literally danced in the sky. Many of the seventy thousand who came to witness the event that had been announced to occur by the Queen of Heaven on that day were cured of their maladies as the sun appeared to fall from the sky and incredibly in an instant dried the soaked pilgrims who had traveled great distances in the rain the night before to pay homage to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

As the story unfolds it is clear that the three children, Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco, who had first seen the Arch Angle Michael and the later the Blessed Virgin Mary, were in fact exceptional in there Catholic Faith. And after seeing a vision of hell shown to them by Our Lady of Fatima the children’s love for mankind made them sacrifice and pray all the more for the salvation of souls. How these three children gustazos panamá handled there trials as they were accused of lying and persecuted for their faith in the time leading up to the great miracle should be a road map for all on how to pursue heaven.

In the aftermath of the miracle and the predictions made by Our Lady of Fatima that Francisco and Jacinta would soon die came to pass as did the prediction that Lucia would live a long life in Our Ladies service. We are also left with the warning of mans fate here on earth should the requests of Our Lady of Fatima not be honored.

This story of Gods love for us and another of His divine interventions into the affairs of men in order to save them from the fires of hell is told with excellent prose. William Thomas Walsh, the author, researched and interviewed those involved in the events leading up to the great modern day miracle as well as many of the witnesses to the miracle. A most enjoyable story and testament to Gods love of mankind. I recommend it highly.

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