An outdoor digital sign differs in looks from say electronic advertising systems in a LCD enclosure to an entire showroom window that is interactive; these outdoor digital sign solutions are sweeping the world.

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So let us analyse were the digital advertising industry is at and what new products are coming up so that we all are fully aware of the solutions available.

Regular outside electronic sign systems.

Traditionally outside dynamic sign systems incorporated a flat screen display and a content player, these are deployed everywhere from shopping centres, high street, gas stations to airports and ferry terminals. But employing this original system is both tried and tested, especially when used in high risk locations where potential harm may happen to the electronic hardwar MaxiCOM MK908Pe.

This sort of solution comes in two forms, one use a weatherproof out of door display, the other, more lower priced alternative (which is also the most popular) is to install conventional indoor commercial screens and put them into a LCD enclosure. The LCD enclosure gives the electronic signage protection from everything that can harm the hardware, this could be from freezing temperatures or baking heat, on the other hand the project could be in an area that has a high crime rate to theft and vandal protection is also covered.

Electronic signage systems for factories?

You may think this is mad, but even production plants are fitting large flat panel screens on the production line, this is being utilized in two parts. The first is to present the daily production information required for the managers to monitor and control the production line, this information is then interspersed with dynamic ads that highlights the company’s products, services and their interaction with the local neighbourhood.

In the production environment, they normally use either LCD monitor enclosures or monitor enclosures relying on where they are being fitted and for what application.

Touch window dynamic sign systems.

Touch glass technology is growing in the out of door digital sign industry and now retail outlets can even sell when they are closed.

This new type of outside digital sign technology is only limited by your imagination, for instance the entire window of a car dealership could be their real-time sales person, working 24×7, 365 days of the year. Or the system can be utilized on a section of the glass; the choice is literary down to the end-user and they could even run different marketing projects on varied portions parts of the window, very similar to zoning on an LCD screen.

This would make the window of any store their online catalogue and would improve your clients awareness of your store and the goods you sell, however before anyone rushes off looking for this system, just remember with it being at the cutting edge it is more than likely to be one of the most high-priced solutions around.

There is an out of home dynamic sign solution for every firm, no matter how enormous or tiny they are. Even a digital poster could enrich an office reception area and these are the most fundamental of digital signage systems.

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