Brazil is one country that really knows where the party is at. With dancing and music ingrained in every Brazilian, it’s no wonder there’s more than one outlet for the musical soul of the country’s fun-loving residents. If you want to party, Rio de Janeiro is the place to be, especially on National Samba Day of course.

On December 2nd the streets of Rio will erupt with all the colour of the carnival. It’s hard to believe that Samba was forbidden in the city during the early 20’s, but times have changed, and if you’re desperate to warm up your dancing shoes ahead of work’s Christmas party, this could be just the ticket December Global Holidays .

On top of world famous dancing skills, Latin America has a massive film-making industry and it is celebrated in true style at the Festival do Rio. Film buffs from all around the world head to the pulsing heart of Latin American cinema to see the latest premieres and cutting edge shorts. If you can’t make to the Festival do Rio, there’s always the Sao Paulo International Film Festival that kicks off on October 23rd and runs until November 5th.

So if you’ve had enough of watching k-grade Hollywood flops at your local Odeon, and you fancy trying something a little more exotic, a film buff’s holiday in Brazil could be just what the director ordered.

For a different type of cultural event, how about some fishing? Every September Brazil becomes the centre of the universe for the global fishing community as the International Fishing Festival in Mato Grosso rolls into town. Cramming around 200,000 people into the small town of Caceres turns it into one of the liveliest places in the country.

And if fly fishing is not your thing, there are football tournaments, cocktails and firework displays to be had. As nice as it would be to find somewhere to stay in a town saturated with canal fisherman, we have a better idea. You could have a holiday in Buzios, which is a stone’s throw from Rio, on a secluded beach in a luxury villa and set sail on the Atlantic whenever you feel like catching your own dinner.

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